Monday, June 13, 2016

Ancient Egypt Royalty

We hope you enjoy our Egyptian Royalty portraits. There are even some secret messages in hieroglyphics. These kings and queens look fabulous! Great job, room 8! 

Saturday, June 04, 2016

MB Museum

We had an awesome time at the MB Museum! Students got to dress up like mummies, write in hieroglyphics, check out some cool artifacts, and mummify a carrot. Yes, mummify a carrot! Our beloved carrots are drying out at school and will hopefully live forever. The mummification process should be complete in two weeks. 


Thank you, Mr. Mikita, for helping us with our song about Ancient Egypt. We especially loved the beatboxing! 

Nature Poems

These grade 3 poets brought in some beloved objects from nature. They were asked to make several sketches and notice the smallest details. We talked about observation as an essential tool of poets and scientists, and I shared with them Karla Kuskin's wise advice to poets: "One aspect of a poet's life is really seeing.... If you are going to draw, you have to look at that leaf and see the way the lines come down. You have to see the way the leaf is shaped and the way each plant grows differently. When you're drawing, you're drawing details, that's what you're writing about, too." Most students were amazed at how much the drawing helped them become better observers. The results were amazing! 

Watercolour Fun

Responding to Music through Art: 
8 songs, 8 paintings, and lots of chair dancing! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Spring Break!

We had a lovely morning painting iguanas in our pajamas! 

Have a fun and relaxing Spring break. See you in April! 

Authors' Brunch in Room 8

Last week, we had our first Authors' Brunch in Room 8. The theme of our celebration was "Pets We Know and Love". These young writers have become very skilled at "painting pictures" in the reader's mind. Students loved hearing about everyone's pets and getting feedback on their piece. We also shared a special snack and made an apple juice toast. We look forward to our next brunch in April and more fantastic writing from the authors in Room 8!